Patients Reviews

Kathleen Schatz | Sep 08, 2022

Paul Dunlea | Aug 31, 2022
Gigi and Ron seemed very experienced and professional. Always courteous and helpful. Had a really good experience, will go back if necessary

Richard N. | Aug 30, 2022
Gigi is a wonderful therapist, very knowledgeable and patient. Wendy at the front desk is great, as well. I know I am getting exemplary care when coming to Step Up Physical Therapy

Riza Brigham | Aug 25, 2022
Gigi and her pt staff are top notch therapists providing the best care possible. The techniques used to resolve my lower backpain issues helped tremendously. All therapists used were extremely knowledgeable therapeutically. Thank you very much Gigi Rob and Wendy.

Rich Vertz | Aug 25, 2022
Very nice place, staff is very friendly and helpful

James Hancock | Aug 24, 2022


"Unbelievable. I felt relief after my first appointment. I suffered nearly 3 weeks with lower back pain as I waited for a doctor appointment. Wish I saw Gigi sooner."

Nancy W

"Dr. Gigi is excellent--really attentive to my pain and needs, and persistent in getting to answers that can help. She tries methods I haven't seen before from other Physical therapists, and really tries to be sure they are helping. Highly recommended."

David C

"Gigi is always pleasant, patient, knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Step-Up to all."

Michell S

"Gigi is great and helpful!"

Rachel B

"Before coming to this physical therapy i use to wonder when will i be able to start working back with my lower back pain but am happy now that am back to work sooner that i think great job."

Vickesha D

"Gi Gi always takes a serious interest in my particular ache and between recommending exercises and in-house treatment the ailment diminishes greatly."

Frank G

"This is the best physical therapy establishment that I’ve ever been to. The staff is wonderful and the owner GG is one of the best physical therapist that I’ve had work and me in a very long time. She is thorough very patient and very good at diagnosing the problems at hand would recommend this establishment."

Catherine H

"Great personal attention in carrying out the required exercises."

Glenn J

"This is the most professional and knowledgeable physical therapy treatment I have ever received. The progressive exercises, knowledge and follow up has not only helped me avoid shoulder surgery, they provided me with a program to continue with the proper exercises in my home. More than a “ Step Above.”

Cynthia C

"Geraldine's an experienced therapist who's caring and especially thorough about explaining her treatment plans."

Miriam S

"I am very happy with Step Up Physical Therapy!"

Natalie A

"Great place"

Donald R

"Amy is a very good theorist"

Lisa S

"Amazing Physical Therapy! Courteous and friendly I felt like I was with family. I am greatly improved in the couple months ( some in home and some outpatient) that GIgi and Aimee worked with me. Highly recommend their services."

John M

"In 30 years, I have been to 4 previous physical therapists in 2 states. This is the best evaluation and care I have ever received."

Linda W

"Great place to get help"

Donnabelle H

"My doctor recommended a physical therapist who had been successfully treating Lymphedema. I was in terrible shape; my left leg & foot were 2 & 1/2 times larger than normal. Could not wear a shoe, slacks or capris. Gigi began treatment immediately. After 7 weeks of massage and wearing a compression cast, my leg & foot returned to normal. Gigi is well educated, up-to-date on new methods, knowledgeable, compassionate, kind, and thorough. The office staff is organized, efficient & friendly."

Kay L

"Gigi is a superb physical therapist. Her treatments have enabled me to successfully recover from several sports injuries and one surgery."

Roger W

"Compassionate and skilled therapy and rehabilitation. You could not have better care"

Kathryn L